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Tips to Be Fresh on Your Music Recording Day

In this article, I will share some vocal techniques that will allow your voice and throat to be more charming and you will learn how to give the best care so that you can do well in the recording studio.

Every time I go to the recording studio, artists are in the waiting room discussing social, personal or religious types of matters. Some of them ask me when they see me the same question as ‘How can I improve my vocal techniques?” and I tell them ‘your vocal technique has no structure and is hurting your voice that will not let you work in a few years. Obviously, I did not say that at all. But almost all of them deserve that answer.

They are not the only ones trying to force their voice without giving warm up and proper training before entering the studio, before making a live performance and before changing climate if they are on tour, outside of their hometown.

Here I will introduce some basic steps you need to take to start a system of vocal exercises. I thought it would help if I show them what to do depending on the situations mentioned above.

The First Stage in Recording Studio

When you have a date scheduled to go to the recording studio, note that it is where you make the most of yourself and your voice. Therefore, I suggest that the night before you do the following activities;

Try to Sleep Early

When your body is resting, cells renew themselves and therefore you have more energy the next day.

Get Up Early

You should get up early making sure that you have slept at least eight hours. Try not to talk much immediately and a hot drink will give you energy such as green tea or red tea. It is important that these are taken fedora the meals because they can worsen the absorption of some nutrients.

Take Shower

When you shower, ensure that water is not too hot nor too cold but of normal temperature as it helps the throat to be discharged.

Be Relaxed

Relax, do not argue with anyone and do not think about your problems or your debts or your love situations, unless this is what drives you to write the song of the day. Try yoga, it is not that you become elastic but it can stretch and sit to meditate and practice think of nothing.


Use comfortable clothing and wear a jacket in case the study is very cold.


Once in the study, do not exaggerate practicing, but do it quietly and silently if possible. You need to save your energy and your lovely voice when you are recording.

Follow these tips and you will have great results. You are recommended to visit for more information.

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